Five Health/Fitness Machines that Look Like They’re From Outer Space

Ever since I saw Transformers (the first one, I only made it halfway through the second one and didn’t even bother with the third), I’ve had a thing for for futuristic-looking machines.  Basically, if you can design something that looks like it’s out of the Jetsons, I’ll probably think it’s awesome. So, it makes sense I’d combine that with my love of sports and bring you some of the most intense-looking health/fitness machines that look like they’re from another planet. The following were chosen based on appearance alone and although I’ll attempt to explain what they’re supposed to do, I make no claims as to the actual functionality of these products.

1. The AlterG

The AlterG

Who doesn’t love the thought of Space Camp and defying gravity? When you run on an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, you are gently lifted by air in a pressure-controlled chamber. This is called unweighting. The machine allows for unweighting from 100% to 20% of a user’s body weight in 1% increments. So basically (one could argue) it’s like running on the moon.

2. Recovery Boots

Photo by Tony Sanchez

Shout out to Pirates prospect Tony Sanchez for the picture (that’s him rocking the boots)! Recovery boots are designed to get rid of muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation. There are four chambers in the boots which fill up with air starting from the foot and ending with the hip. After approximately 30 seconds they deflate, allowing blood to flow freely before they slowly begin to refill with air again. This process forces the body to get rid of the metabolic waste that causes muscle fatigue and soreness. Also, they look like something one might wear on a casual trip to the moon.

3. Synchro

Photo: Core77 Design Awards

Like I said before if I don’t actually know whether or not this machine works, but it certainly looks like something out of the future. Synchro was designed as a post-surgical rehab device. It allows the user to gradually increase their self-dependency from passive to active movement and use both legs. This, in theory, leads to a synchronized and balanced recovery.

4. Bod Pod

If aliens were to appear on our planet, I’d expect them to arrive in something similar to the above image. But here on Earth, the Bod Pod is the most accurate, least invasive way to measure body fat percentage and resting metabolism.

5. The ROM Machine

The ROM Machine is kind of like a combination of a stationary bike, rowing machine and stair climber. It claims to provide a great workout in just four minutes a day. Although it vaguely reminds me of one of those bikes from the 1800s (you know, the ones with the giant front wheel and tiny back wheel), which would make it decidedly retro, it also doesn’t quite looks like it belongs here on Earth.

The CellSonic

I know the title says five, but I came across the CellSonic and couldn’t help including it only because its uses amuse me. Although it can be used to treat bones, wounds, and sports injuries (don’t ask me how, it’s apparently a lithotripter if that means anything to you), it can also be used to release trapped fat and cellulite. This means that in addition to being used by surgeons and physical therapists, it’s also used at beauty salons. Talk about versatility.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for our first Hump Day Exercise of the Week!

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