Hump Day Exercise of the Week: Hop Scotch

Each Wednesday we plan on bringing you a different exercise to consider incorporating into your workout routine just to switch things up a bit. For our first “hump day” exercise, we’d thought we’d go old school with hop scotch. Hopefully it brings back positive childhood memories of recess so you can think happy thoughts while working on speed training. In the video Matt is using ExcelCord® to enhance the exercise, but it can be done without it as well. The exercise can be done on any flat surface and all you need is a ladder or some squares taped onto the ground.

Start by hopping into the first square with one foot. Then, hop out of the square so you land with one foot on each side of the first square. Next, hop into the second square with the opposite foot you used in the first square and hop out with both feet so they’re on either side of the second box. Continue alternating feet each time until you reach the end of the ladder. Then, repeat the exercise in reverse. If you lose your balance or skip a rung, start over.

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