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No 'FRIES' for 365

Recently I had the pleasure of trying PB2’s powdered peanut butter.  I bought the powdered peanut butter to add to my protein shakes in attempt to eliminate some of the fat that comes with eating peanut butter (all be it I know that it’s “good fat“).  Prior to even trying it, I scanned it on Fooducate (I swear by this app).  I was pretty much sold when I saw that it received an ‘A’ based on its’ nutritional content.

Click here for nutritional content…

Since, my wife and I have used PB2 to make protein pancakes, bread, shakes, and ice cream.  Yes, Ice Cream.  I’ll get to that in a bit though.  The PBThins are equally delicious.  I take a handful mixed with raisins and pistachios to work for a great pre-workout snack.  I was going to complain about how even though these crackers boast 100 calories per…

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