The Obligatory Gift List

Happy December! It seems like everyone is posting a list of gift ideas so we figured we’d create our own. The following is a list of gift possibilities for the athlete in your life (with a strong baseball focus because, well, that’s what we know best). They’re listed in no particular order.

Rawlings Leather Coasters

Rawlings Leather Coasters ($24.99 for a set of 6)

These home plate-shaped coasters are the perfect gift if you want to let your husband know you appreciate his love of the game but don’t want to add another bobblehead or baseball cap to his collection.

ExcelCord Pro Package (Photo by Rudy C. Jones)

ExcelCord ($99.99 for a professional package)

Although it was invented for baseball players, ExcelCord can benefit pretty much any athlete. With a unique heel-based design, training with ExcelCord allows athletes to increase their strength, balance and power through functional training.


Grinds ($11.99 for 3 cans)

If you think tobacco is gross but can’t get someone in your life to stop chewing it, Grinds may be the solution for you. It comes in three flavors (Mocha, Cinnamon Roll, and Mint Chocolate Chip) and although it comes in a “tin” it contains no tobacco. It does, however, contain caffeine and B-vitamins to provide a jolt of energy.

Mini-Bat Bottle Opener

Mini-Bat Bottle Opener ($25-$35 depending on specifics)

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but you can get it engraved for $30 which is kind of cool.

Kuvings Chrome Juicer

Kuvings Silent Juicer, Chrome ($399.99)

I just chose this particular brand because it got good reviews, but any juicer is a good gift idea if the person you’re buying for doesn’t already have one. It’s an easy (and tasty!) way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, something great for any athlete. 

Other suggestions include some of their favorite DVDs (for bus trips) and a “game day kit” including items such as Advil, bat tape, eye black, wrist bands, pine tar, band aids, granola bars, deodorant, contact solution and case and any other sundries they might need on game day. If you want to send something to your teammates (or coworkers) just to let them know you’re thinking of them but don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out Grow Trees. At their site you can have a tree planted in your friend’s honor for just a dollar and you’ll be making the world a better place! You might also consider making a photo book for your special someone on Shutterfly (though be warned if you are a bit OCD it might take you a while to get it exactly how you want it; there are so many options!). Please comment below if you have any other suggestions! 

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