Off-Season Activities

Isn’t it weird how toward the end of the season you can’t wait for it to be over (hopefully after winning a championship of course) but after a couple of weeks at home you start to go a little stir crazy? Hopefully you haven’t found yourself in an off-season rut, but just in case we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do to get you out of the house without interrupting your workout routine.

1. Volunteer. MLBPA has a partnership with Volunteers of America and their website has a lot of great resources and lists opportunities across the country.

2. Attend a minor league sporting event. Sure you’ve probably thought about going to an NFL, NBA or NHL (if they weren’t still in a lockout) game, but if you don’t happen to live in a major city this might be a tad difficult. But, have you considered attending a D-League basketball game or AHL or ECHL hockey game? Not only might they be closer than a major league team, but their tickets are also usually much cheaper.

Trenton Titans Game

 3. Go on a mini-vacation. Sometimes it’s fun just to get away for a night. Groupon has a lot of great prices for a variety of different locations that change frequently. Check back until you find one you like!

4. If you like animals, go to the zoo! Check out this site for a list of zoos/nature preserves etc. by state.

5. Find a hobby and/or take a class. Whether it’s photography, golfing, painting or cooking it’s always nice (and satisfying!) to learn how to do something new.

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