Three Ways to Throw More Strikes

What do all pitchers have in common? The need to throw strikes. This week pitching coach, ExcelCord inventor, and former pro pitcher Matt Zoltak brings you three tips for keeping the ball in the strike zone (without becoming more hittable). 

1.  Keep your head still. 

If your head moves, your target moves.  Keeping your head still through a balanced delivery will not only increase strike percentage but it will leave you in a better position to catch a comebacker.

2.  Keep your elbow up!

Type Cy Young winner into Google Images and look at a picture of one of the pitchers about to release the ball.  Where is his elbow?

Throwing with your elbow up results in a pitch with a downward trajectory making it harder to hit because it is going away from the hitter’s eyes.  Every hitter has a predetermined zone they like. Keeping your elbow up allows you to pitch in a hitter’s zone with less consequences because even though the ball is in their zone it is moving away from their eyes making it harder to hit with the sweet spot of the bat.

3.  Remember: nose over toes.

A lot of mechanical problems can be fixed without even throwing a ball.  As you lift your front leg, what happens to your posture?  If you make sure your nose is over your toes at this point it will be easier to keep your head still and therefore throw more strikes.  The ExcelCord Core Express Workout will not only help improve your posture and core strength–leading to more strikes–it will also give you more explosive hips for slide stepping.

Photo by Rudy C. Jones

Photo by Rudy C. Jones

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