Throwback Thursday: Students Run Philly Style

Okay, so something from six months ago might not quite qualify as a “throwback,” but since a number of runners read our blog, we thought you might appreciate this article from one of last year’s newsletters.

Students from Students Run Philly Style—a mentorship program for Philadelphia youth focusing on training for a marathon—enjoyed using ExcelCord to cross-train during their summer clinic on July 21. 

DSCN3043Approximately 100 students and mentors came out to the Navy Yard in Philadelphia to attend the event, hosted by Vincera Core Physicians. The participants rotated between three stations including an abridged yoga class, an obstacle course set up by Philadelphia Flyers Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim McCrossin, and the ExcelCord station.

Using ExcelCord to enhance routine DSCN3045exercises such as mountain climbers, lunges and high-knees, everyone got a good workout in a short amount of time. The general consensus was that the workout was fun but challenging. One student was surprised by how much of a difference adding ExcelCord to the exercises makes exclaiming, “Normally high-knees are so easy, but not today!” The ExcelCord station also featured a core component. When one of the mentors asked if doing the simple core exercise while using ExcelCord worked their abs, the students responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”  You can check out photos from the event on our Facebook page.




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