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Have you ever been duped by food that sounds healthy, but it’s not? When you’re trying to eat well, these unhealthy trap foods can be really frustrating (especially when you figure it out afterwards). So we’d love to know, what healthy sounding foods have tricked you in the past? We’d love for you to share them so we can keep an eye out.

To get the ball rolling, here are 5 foods or drinks that have potential to be good for us, but if you don’t pay attention, they might be loaded with junk.

Smoothies_blog1)      Smoothies

When they’re good for us: When you load your smoothie with plain, non-fat yogurt, pure fruit juice, and a good mix of fruits and veggies.

How they’re an unhealthy trap: When you add whole milk, cream, ice cream, juice blends (with high fructose corn syrup), or added sugar, smoothies go down hill in a…

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    Thanks so much for the reblog! Always appreciated!

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