Top 5 MLB Team Auction Items

As you may know, many MLB teams posted new items up for auction today. The proceeds go to a bunch of really great causes so check them out! You can find the main auction page here: and then just select the team you’re interested in from the “Team Auction” drop down menu. It’s fun to see the different things teams are offering. Sure, there are your typical bats, balls and hats, but there are also more creative options. Here are our Top 5:

1. Miami Marlins. Trivia Night Players Pairing: Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen. The Marlins are having their first annual Marlins Trivia Night on Friday, February 8th at The Clevelander-Marlins Park and you can bid on the chance to have LoMo and Petey join your trivia team! If you didn’t see the Petey & LoMo Show during spring training last year, well, you missed out. Here’s one of the most popular episodes, “An Ode to Justin Bieber.” If they’re this entertaining when bored and alone during spring training, I’ve got to imagine they’ll be pretty fun during trivia night…

2. New York Yankees. 30-Minute Pitching Lesson with Mariano Rivera. The Yankees have a variety of creative options but this is our favorite. Honestly, getting a five minute pitching lesson from Mariano Rivera at a field in the middle of nowhere would be an unforgettable experience (that most people would brag to their friends about forever). But, as with everything they do, the Yankees went over the top to make this an all-around amazing experience. First of all, the lesson will take place at Yankee Stadium (which means you can say you pitched at Yankee Stadium…). Second, it’s for not just one person but two so you can share the experience with your best bro. Finally, it includes four tickets to the game that night and four passes to watch batting practice on the field (and a message on the scoreboard). Oh, and after the lesson Mariano Rivera will pose for a photo and sign autographs so no one can accuse you of making the whole thing up. 

3. Cincinnati Reds. Ryan Madson’s Complete 2012 Team-Issued Jersey Wardrobe. Bid on not one, not two but 12 jerseys! They include 2 BP, 4 home, 4 road and 2 red alternate jerseys. It’s common for teams to auction off a jersey or two, but 12 at once?! Definitely something to consider going in on with friends if you’re a Reds fan (unless you’re bitter about the Madson trade that is). 

4. San Francisco Giants. The Giants have champagne corks and bottles up for auction from when they clinched and when they won the NLDS, NLCS and the World Series. This make a great *small* addition to any Giants collection. 

5. Toronto Blue Jays. Game-Used Clubhouse Chairs. The Blue Jays have quite the selection of game-used clubhouse chairs from players including Brett Lawrie, JP Arencibia and Kelly Johnson. If you’re in the market for a new desk chair, it might be cool to have one of these. 


Honorable Mention: The Tigers have some interesting items including swim goggles worn by the Tigers during the 2012 AL Central Division Celebration and a game-used rosin bag from when October 3, 2012 (when Cabrera won the Triple Crown Award). 

Also, the Yankees and White Sox have “Spring Training Experiences.” So, if you’re going to spring training and want to make it extremely memorable you might want to look into those. 

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