Our Week in Photos


We went to Pittsburgh’s spring training home, Pirate City in Bradenton to give an ExcelCord demo to the Pirates’ head athletic trainer Todd. Afterward, we were lucky to meet a very nice photographer outside the building and he was kind enough to take our picture. (Personally I love that it’s called Pirate City and also think the logos are pretty sweet.) Below is a picture from the lobby which has a showcase featuring jerseys, hats and cleats. 20130216-183041.jpg

Thursday was VALENTINES DAY!!!20130216-182919.jpg


We also did a demo for the Yankees’ athletic trainers. Unfortunately it was raining that day so we didn’t take any pictures outside, but here are a couple pictures from the lobby. You can’t really read it here, but in the plaque to the left in the picture above, it says “‘The Best Team Ever’ Time Magazine.” The bats in the desk below were also pretty cool as they had the players’ names engraved on them (one was Robinson Cano’s, for example). 


Yesterday was Opening Day for Central Sarasota County Little League. The kids in the picture below are around four years old and playing tee ball. They were absolutely adorable. Often a kid would hit the ball and forget to run, sometimes a runner would randomly go out of the base paths and at any given moment you were likely to see at least one kid twirling in circles somewhere on the field. Some parents/athletes/fans take baseball way too seriously and sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and remember why it makes us happy.    


At ProCore Sports we’re super-passionate about teaching kids the importance of core strength for injury prevention and sports performance. We love any chance to get out there in the community and interact with young athletes and their parents/coaches and yesterday was no exception. The motto for ExcelCord is “Feel the difference” and it’s particularly exciting to watch a kid do just that. Take a few throws with ExcelCord and then without and you will feel the difference, trust me. Of course patience is a virtue, but it’s pretty darn satisfying to have a product that has an immediate impact on its users.   20130216-183050.jpg

I’m ending with this picture because it was just too cute not to include. Little League is all about building a community and there’s something so nice about seeing older kids cheer on their younger counterparts. 20130216-183059.jpg

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