ExcelCord Uses Part One: Rehab

Originally I wanted to write a post about how different pro teams are using ExcelCord but I overlooked one important detail: most teams don’t want the public knowing their business. My college’s athletic department wouldn’t let the school newspaper write details about what kind of injury an athlete had–even if it was obvious he had a sprained ankle or broken finger, for example–because they didn’t want to disclose any information they didn’t absolutely have to. So anyway, the moral of the story is I adapted my original plan and have decided instead to talk more generally about the different programs we offer. So, without further ado, the first in this series of ExcelCord uses is rehab. 

ExcelCord can help you rehab from a variety of injuries, but the one we’re currently focusing on is recovering after surgery for athletic pubalgia (aka sports hernia or core injury). One of the nation’s leading athletic pubalgia surgeons, Dr. William Meyers prescribes ExcelCord as part of his patients’ rehab programs. Different athletic trainers incorporate ExcelCord into their rehab programs in different ways, but one of the reasons it’s so convenient is the further you get from the attachment, the more resistance you’ll get making it easy to do progressive routines. 


We currently offer a CoreExpress Workout that is a series of controlled kicks with resistance. This program allows the user to simultaneously work on their balance while (re)building core strength. 

If you have any questions about how incorporating ExcelCord into your rehab routine can help you, please comment below! 

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