Exercise of the Week: Shrugs

The correlation between neck strength and an athlete’s risk of concussion has been a hot topic this week; did you know the odds of getting a concussion decrease by 5% for every one pound increase in neck strength?? Here are a couple of related articles from Time Sports and  Mom’s Team if you want to check those out. Anyway, because neck strength has been proven to be so important, we figured we’d make today’s exercise of the week a simple one you can do at home to increase your neck strength!

This exercise is pretty much as simple as they come, but make sure to watch the video because (as always) good form is very important! You can start with something as light as a water bottle in each hand and work your way up to dumbells. Holding one weight in each hand, with your arms down to the side and knuckles facing out. With a controlled motion, shrug your shoulders up and slowly return to the starting position. 


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