Happy National Athletic Trainer Month!

In Training

NATM_2013_2blueMarch is National Athletic Training Month, and this year’s theme is “Every Body Needs an Athletic Trainer”. Why every body? Because athletic trainers help more than just athletes. Athletic trainers can be found in the military, in industy, in hospitals and clinics, public safety, performing arts, and so many more places. Athletic trainers take care of the athlete in EVERY BODY and help them get back to full, pain free function so that they can get back to their ‘game’.  Not only can athletic trainers help individuals return from an injury, but they can help them prevent injury, improve performance on and off the athletic field, and just generally help improve everyday living.

Athletic trainers are not doctors, or personal trainers, or physical therapists. They are fully trained sports medicine professionals. Athletic trainers can be found just about everywhere, helping just about everyone, in…

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