ExcelCord Uses: Speed Training

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could be faster”? If you’re an athlete, this thought probably crosses your mind at least once a week–especially when your coach decides to end practice with suicides. Well, good news: when used for resisted running, ExcelCord has shown immediate increases in athletes’ velocity, force application, and jump height. Some lucky individuals see results within the first session, and if you commit to our program, you will see results within two weeks.  


Step UpsExcelCord can be used to enhance most ladder exercises including hop scotch, skiers and the icky shuffle. It can also be used for box drills such as step ups and platform runners.

Additionally it can be used for simple favorites including
mountain climbers, butt kicks and high knees. Finally, it can be used for more track-specific exercises such as single leg skips.  Mountain Climbers

While we create training programs for our users, we also value customer feedback. Do you use ExcelCord for speed training? What exercises do you perform with it? Please feel free to comment below or send us an email at info@excelcord.com!

Next week I will post an interview with Central Davidson High School Softball Head Coach Jordan Stogner, but here’s a quick excerpt explaining how her team uses ExcelCord for speed training:

“We have had a strength and core pre-practice routine for several years, but [last] year we decided to incorporate speed, agility, and balance. Drills that we used ExcelCord with included two feet in each square, hop scotch, lunges, butt kicks, high knees, mountain climbers, fire hydrants, and kick outs. With the lunges and the two feet in we did a progression as well. Using the ladder, the girls would move up a square, then back a square, up two squares, back two squares, etc. By the fifth or sixth square they had to really push and concentrate. With lunges, they would see how many squares they could go up moving one at a time.” 


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