An Athletic Trainer’s Tip: Every Body Needs to be Good to the Core

We always try to emphasize how important a strong core is and this post does a great job explaining WHY!

In Training

NATM_2013_2blueEver notice that when you are sick and either coughing a lot or throwing up a lot that eventually your stomach muscles get very, very sore? And everything you do hurts those stomach muscles? How about your back? Ever hurt it? Ever notice when it hurts there is nothing you can do that doesn’t hurt? That’s because just about everything you do involves your core muscles. If they are weak or sore, it affects everything you do.

There is a reason that they are called your core muscles, they are the core of every action and movement you do. The laws of physics pretty much them in to play continuously. When you walk, what happens with your arms? They are an equal and opposite reaction to your leg movements to counterbalance everything. What connects your arms to your legs? Your core. When you throw a ball what happens? One are…

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