Community Spotlight: Bob Salomon

You’ve probably heard of Bob Salomon’s first project, A Glove of Their Own.  Supporters of the children’s book include such baseball greats as Yogi Berra and Don Mattingly.


A father of two, Salomon wanted to spread the “pay it forward” mentality–unselfishly passing kindness bestowed upon you to others in need–to the next generation. When two of his friends–Debbie Moldovan and Keri Conkling–showed him the new book they were working on, he realized sports and children’s books were the perfect avenues through which to accomplish his goal. Moldovan, Conkling, and Lisa Funari-Willever are the authors of A Glove of Their Own, which was released in October of 2008. It has been making waves in the sports world ever since. 

What is the book about? In Salomon’s words, “It’s all about underprivileged children and baseball. They don’t have a lot; they play with one bat, one ball, they use sticks for bases. Something happens to them in the middle of the story that really changes these children’s lives forever. And it’s all about doing what’s right and paying it forward.”

The book itself is a great symbol for its message as $0.10 from every book sold are donated to Good Sports, Pitch in for Baseball, and Sports Gift, organizations that help ensure kids across the country have a glove of their own. Additionally, if you purchase the book online, $3 from the sale will go to a charity of your choice which you can select from a drop-down menu at checkout. 

Salomon didn’t stop at the success of his first project. He is now working on a football-themed book called Beyond the Laces, which has already gained the support of former NFL running back Eric Dickerson, among others. As Salomon describes it, “Beyond the Laces is football at its best; a story of how one of America’s greatest past times gives a father and son the will and inspiration to overcome great adversity.” Salomon’s goal with this book is to unite athletes from all sports. Said Salomon of his vision, “We want to tour hospitals around the country with various sports figures and share the message about not giving up. Our goal is to inspire children. I just want to help children and show them that people do care. My vision is that non-profits will use this story to help get their cause out as well as using it as a fundraiser. My vision also has the NFL involved. I feel if they help promote this message, it will place a positive impact on children and the game of football.” 

Although the story is already written, Salomon is currently in the process of raising funds for Beyond the Laces’ production (including illustrations) and publication. He hopes to reach his goal of $15,000 by a week from today (Thursday, March 21st). Please check out his ClickStart page ( and consider supporting his project. A $40 contribution will get you an advance copy of Beyond the Laces autographed by a professional athlete. For $200 you can the illustrator depict your child as one of the fans in the stadium in the book! 

Here are links to two additional articles about Salomon and his projects if you’d like to check them out:

Top photo taken from:“a-glove-of-their-own”-goes-viral-around-the-world/

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