Top Five Weirdest Spring Training Injuries (2013)

With spring training now officially over (where does the time go?!) we’d like to present the Top Five Weirdest Spring Training Injuries of 2013: 

1. Oakland’s Michael Taylor missed more than a week of camp after slicing open his pinkie finger in two places while throwing out a piece of gum. The A’s outfielder is 6’5 and reportedly hit his hand on a light hanging from the dugout ceiling. 

Photo from Andrus’ Twitter

2. Left biceps soreness caused by a new tattoo forced the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus to miss an early spring training game. The shortstop spent nine hours over two days getting the new ink (left), a tribute to his late father. 

3. Cardinals southpaw Marc Rzepczynski was shut down for a few days after suffering an eye injury while golfing. He believes the injury was caused by a piece of debris, but is not entirely certain. The injury was bad enough to prevent the lefty from participating in physical activities for a few days. He was forced to sleep sitting up and even had to wear an eye patch on occasion. 

4. The Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman (below) broke his fibula and dislocated his right ankle while skydiving to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. The injury–sustained in early March–required surgery and Cashman was seen in a wheelchair and hobbling on crutches throughout the rest of spring training. 

Photo by John Harper/NY Daily News via Getty Images

5. A few days after Cashman’s skydiving mishap, a scorpion bite sent Brewers general manager Doug Melvin to the hospital. Melvin went to pick up what he assumed was a harmless bug with a tissue when it bit his middle finger. Shortly after, he experienced numbness going up his arm. When the numbness reached his shoulder, he decided it was better to be safe than sorry and headed to the ER. 

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3 Responses to Top Five Weirdest Spring Training Injuries (2013)

  1. Kenny says:

    Great post! Whenever I hear about strange injuries like these, I always wonder if it’s a cover-up to a risky activity. When a guy hurts himself snowboarding, he claims he hurt himself moving boxes. The hilarity of pro sports, you’ve got to love it.

    • ExcelCord® says:

      Thanks! And that is so true. It’s also unfortunate that something that seems like such a minor (almost amusing) injury can keep an athlete out of the game. Pro sports are definitely entertaining both on and off the field! 😀

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