Be Social! (Part Two)

In this age of social media, it seems like everyone has Facebook and Twitter (shameless plug: don’t forget to like and follow ExcelCord!). But, the new trend is specialized social networking sites. The more people who join and contribute to these networks, the more beneficial and fun they are for everyone. So, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites. Which sites do you use? 

1. Coach Book This site is great for posting and reading articles related to coaching, networking with fellow coaches and posting and looking for coaching jobs. You can customize your profile and add pictures, videos, and articles. 

2. Strength Performance Network is designed for strength & conditioning coaches. With over 8700 members, it’s a great place to look for and post job openings, see videos related to strength & conditioning and network. 

3. Ball Player Connect Although this site is mainly for ballplayers (both baseball and softball), the drop-down menu when creating a profile also includes “cleat chaser” and “fan.” To sign up, you must answer the question “What does MLB stand for?” Although there are some older athletes who post on the site, which was created by a college baseball player, it seems to be most popular with the high school crowd. 

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a social networking site, but The Road 2 The Show‘s main goal is “to level the playing field.” It is a place for baseball and softball players to post videos and maximize their exposure. It’s unclear how many scouts regularly check the site, but it certainly seems like a good way to try to get your name out there. 

What sites would you add to the list?

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