Resistance Training for Runners

This post does such a great job explaining why resistance training is important for runners! Note: Many of these exercises can be enhanced with ExcelCord (and we also offer a Core Express and circuit workout if you want to switch it up!).

Brash Fitness

Runners run. We have all heard this statement before. If you ask a runner about their training they will list their mileage and times like a proud parent list the accomplishments of their children. While other athletes have moved their training indoors or across a broader spectrum of activities, it seems distance runners have maintained the ‘training is specific’ concept.

Yes, you improve the skills you practice- improve endurance with regular long, slow runs, and improve speed with occasional spells of short sprints. The general issue we find with working with runners are muscular imbalances which leads to movement impairments and altered joint motion. Some of those imbalances are stronger quadriceps and superficial hip flexors versus having weak gluteal muscles, deeps hip flexors [Illiopsoas] and hamstrings. If we contrast that with the distance runners more muscularly developed cousin the sprinter what we find are tremendously developed glutes, hamstrings and exceptionally strong hip flexors.

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