Our Weekend at ATAF in Pics

We were fortunate enough to attend the Athletic Trainers’ Association of Florida‘s 25th Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium in Orlando this past weekend. It was quite the event with athletic trainers and students from all over Florida and beyond. We learned a lot about athletic trainers last month during National Athletic Training Month and had the opportunity to learn even more this weekend! We met a lot of interesting, intelligent people and had an all-around great time! A few of the other vendors were also showcasing extremely innovative products that we hadn’t heard of before and we’ll tell you about those later this week. Below are some pictures from the weekend. Were any of you there? 20130414-112427.jpgAll the packages packed up and ready to go!20130414-112447.jpgWe were really excited to show off our new cords and they created a fair amount of buzz. We only use covered cords so as to protect the user should one of the resistance bands snap. They are extremely durable and designed to last for a long time, unlike some other resistance bands which tear/break/snap fairly easily. The cool thing about our new cords is that they have a swivel hook so you can turn around without worrying about the cords getting tangled. 20130414-112503.jpgHere’s one angle of our table. 20130414-112519.jpgAnd another with Matt manning the table once it was totally set up. 20130414-112529.jpgThe ATAF display in the lobby was very nice. 20130414-112541.jpgAs you can see from the agenda, it was a busy weekend full of awesome speakers and events. 20130414-112548.jpgThe crew: Chet, Matt and Kira from l-r. 20130414-112600.jpgYou know an organization is legit when they have their own stamp! The event planners had a great idea for how to draw conference attendees to each of the vendor tables: each attendee received a form with all of the vendors’ logos on it that they were to get stamped when they visited each table. Then, once they had every vendor’s stamp, they could enter their form into a raffle which featured a bunch of great ATAF gear as prizes! We thought this was a terrific idea as it made an easy conversation starter and helped us meet even more people than might have otherwise stopped by to chat! 

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