Fast Food Friday: Five Guys

As much as we know fast food is bad for us, it can be hard to avoid. It’s especially difficult if you’re living what we call “the minor league lifestyle.” This doesn’t only apply to baseball players, but rather anyone with a busy, unpredictable schedule with little time for cooking, a high need for energy, and a tight budget. That brings us to the first of a series of Fast Food Fridays–tips, recipes and recommendations to help make your fast food experience a little healthier and yummier! 

Good news, burger lovers! We have a simple tip that can help you save hundreds of calories at Five Guys: order a lettuce-wrapped burger! It is exactly what it sounds like; instead of a hamburger bun, your burger will come wrapped in a piece of lettuce. This may sound kind of odd at first, but if you think about it texture- and flavor-wise it makes a lot of sense. And it can save you a ton of unnecessary calories: a regular hamburger at Five Guys is 700 calories while a bunless burger is just 440. See the chart below for more information. 

What do you think: delicious or just (more) nutritious? 


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