Stress Free Saturday: Music

Besides focusing on your breathing and/or meditating, another thing that can help relieve stress is listening to music. Sure, classical music tends to be the go-to genre when it comes to increasing productivity, but for relaxation I think it really depends on the individual. In college I used to get really stressed out when I had to write a paper longer than five pages. I would get so worked up that I wouldn’t know where to begin and would stare at my blank computer screen getting more and more anxious by the minute. Then I started listening to reggae and country as soon as I sat down to write. Listening to songs that put me in my happy place allowed me to relax and free up my brain enough to get the creative juices flowing. When I wasn’t worried about writing, I was able to just sit down and do it. This is true in a lot of situations; sometimes worrying about how you’re going to get something done actually hinders your productivity.  Next time this happens to you, pop in your earbuds and experiment with different kinds of music. Hopefully you’ll find something that perfect mix that simultaneously relaxes and inspires you! 

What songs are on your relaxation playlist? 

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2 Responses to Stress Free Saturday: Music

  1. What a wonderful Bob Marley quote — it made my day! I always play music in my Yoga classes — for relaxation and to refresh the mind. Some Yoga purists will wrinkle up their noses at the thought of music, but it really pulls me inside to the vibration. When one of my teachers was asked if one should use music with their practice, he said, “If it gets you on your mat, then play it!” Sometimes the rhythm of the music is all you need to get focused on your practice … or focused on your breath. I think my students like that I mix things up and expose them to all sorts of music they might not otherwise hear.

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