Exercise of the Week: Step Ups


ExcelCord Step Ups

Start with feet shoulder width apart then step on to platform with entire foot and lift back knee towards chest. Repeat with the opposite leg. There are three progressions for this exercise. First, increase the resistance. If you’ve never done this exercise before, try it without ExcelCord the first time. If that seems too easy, use our 20lb cords and then, when that becomes easy, move on to the 35lb cords. The next step is adding a medicine ball (which you can see in the video below). We recommend starting with a five pound ball and gradually increasing the weight. The last way to increase the difficulty is to increase the box height. We discourage you from attaching resistance the first time using a higher platform. Once you are comfortable with the new height, slowly use the progression explained above. 

Reps: 8 each leg
Sets: 2

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