Rise & Shine

We chose the sun salutation as our Exercise of the Week because it’s great for waking up and stretching all of your muscles. Do you include yoga as part of your morning routine? Which pose is your favorite?

The Green Rabbit

Start your day off with a sun salutation. Clear your mind, stretch your body & ready yourself for the day ahead with this pose. The Sun Salutation pose benefits your mind, body & spirit. I highly recommend incorporating this little bit of yoga into your morning routine. This pose has many benefits:

– Increases flexibility
– Relaxes the mind
– It can be a great full body workout (flexing, stretching & toning the muscles) which can assist & encourage weight loss.
– Practise your pose outside in the morning & feel calm & rejuvenated for the day ahead.


If you are a beginner start out with two-four rounds & build yourself up to twelve rounds (six on each leg).

Love & Light,

Kristy xo

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2 Responses to Rise & Shine

  1. Cindy says:

    Sun salutations always feel great. I love the sweep into the cobra 😀

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