Tip for the week: Hand Towel

Great, easy suggestion!


Sometimes when at work or even at home our upper back starts to give us some problems.

A quick and temporary solution to this can be as simple as a hot hand towel placed across the upper back area.

You’ll want to start with a hand towel. Wet it under tap water and ring it out till it is moist.

Then you want to place it into the microwave for under a minute, long enough time to get it hot but bearable.

place it across your upper back area along where the problem is occurring and leave there until the heat is gone. 

You can repeat this a few more times. Remember though not to exceed the 7-10 minute mark on  the heat on the back, any longer and you could create a bigger problem then what you started with.

By applying heat to the area, this will bring the…

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